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Daily Mail - Ford Escort Lotus Twin-Cam

Rare Ford Escort which sold for £3,000 in 1968 fetches £65,000 today thanks to painstaking restoration work

A rare original 1968 Ford Escort has been painstakingly restored and sold for a staggering £65,000 - More than 22 times it's original value.
Norman Hughes rebuilt the car, which would have cost £2,919 when it was first around, at his workshop in Bristol after buying it in parts.
The rusting shell had to be lifted onto a trailer to get to Cleevewood Garages, which is run by Mr Hughes, and the rest of its engine and pieces were in boxes.
Mr Hughes now says he won't part with the car for less than £65,000. He said: 'I know it sounds like a lot of money but I know how much time and money has been put into the car. I would say it is now better than new because of the lengths we have gone to in order to get it right.' Mr Hughes sandblasted the rusting shell before repainting it while the engine, gear box and back axle were all rebuilt and worn parts were replaced. He said the biggest  biggest headache was finding some pieces of trim because of the rarity of the car. 'The switches on the dashboard, for example, look exactly the same as on the Mark I but in fact, they are slightly bigger,' he said. 
Externally, there is virtually no difference from the Mark I except for some badges on the side. But underneath, the car is entirely different with uprated suspension, disc brakes on the front wheels and many other modified parts. 
Mr Hughes has been offered £55,000 by a Japanese businessman but had turned him down. He said: 'They made thousands of Ford Mexicos and I saw one of those go for £38,000 a few weeks ago.
'I think I'm asking a fair price for something very rare and very special and which is better than new. It's a lot of fun and very reliable.'
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By: RICHARD HARTLEY-PARKINSON (Daily Mail) on 11-Mar-2015


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